Friday, January 20, 2017

Its Amazing What You Can Find When You're Sorting

Take a look at these two cards:
1994 Topps Finest #157 J.T. Snow
I was going through the dupes box and pulled out the card on the right.
The card on the left was already in the 1994 Angels binder.
They look the same, I thought.
But I've learned to always check the backs of cards because you never know when there might be a subtle difference.
And those subtle differences are usually on the back.

Now, take a look at the backs:
And there it is.
Binder card has PREPRODUCTION in red across the back.
Okay, there's a surprise, didn't even know I had that.
But then I saw that the so-called dupe did not have that on the back.
Cool. A new card.

But then I saw, or DIDN'T see, some other things.

Dupe card.
Observe closely, there's going to be a test.

I underlined and circled all the differences in red.

Lots going on there.

So after some research I found out that there is 40-card set of these Pre-Production cards and they were issued randomly in packs of 1994 Topps Series 2 to premier the upcoming release of 1994 Finest.
The SCBC says these cards share the same format and card numbers as the regular issue Finest cards except for the "PREPRODUCTION" red stamp on the back.

Well, now we know that's not the only difference.

Back to your dupe boxes Team Collectors!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TTM Return From Dave Van Gorder

Another one down towards the 1983 Topps Autographed Set.

1983 Topps #322
1985 Donruss #384
1986 Topps #143

Everyone has their favorite set and 1983 Topps is mine.
Dave signed and returned these cards in 14 days from his home in Tucson, AZ.

Monday, January 16, 2017

TTM Return From Jim Maler

He never was an Angel but here's another to add to the Topps 1983 autographed set.
Jim signed and returned these in 10 days from his home in Hollywood, Florida.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Listian Patriots

Patriots are to be found on Listia.

Picked up this beautiful 2014 Bowman Chrome Topps Shelf Rookie TSR-JG.

Snagged 2 more towards the 1990 Pro Set team.
Sure I could probably pick up the whole set on ebay for a couple bucks, but how fun would that be?

And I picked up the following 1998 Fleer Ultra cards, in individual auctions, mostly running concurrently.
Individual auctions, running concurrently, for a bunch of related cards you want, is stressful.
But I think I may have come away with all the cards that were listed.

Gold Medallion done right.
Even though it didn't scan too well here, the gold really shines through in real life. I loved it when Ultra replaced the little round gold logo with the gold backgrounds, a much better differentiation.
Weird thing though, it looks like Bledsoe is about to sign that hat with a pencil, and is Chris Slade holding a baby?

Base cards.
Robert Edwards ran for 1,115 yards in his rookie season 1998, then destroyed his knee playing in an NFL sanctioned flag football game, barely avoiding having it amputated.
He made a brief comeback with the Dolphins in 2002, and played in Canada from 2005-2007.
I would have loved to see him destroy more defenses with the Patriots.

Very nice looking subset card featuring the Great Drew Bledsoe.

Now, where to get the rest of the team set...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Completed Angels Team Set - 1974 Topps

The Angels comprised 31 cards in the 660-card, numbered base set.
The Team Checklist card is unnumbered and was inserted into regular wax packs.
The Angels had no players in the Traded set.

FAVORITE CARD: Bill Singer in classic dorky pitching pose.

INTERESTING FACT: Charlie Sands had a fractured knee cap in 1969.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Love The Smell Of Cardboard In The Morning Trade Mail

Regarding a handful of team bags full of cards, in a padded envelope, Tim hoped I could "find some cards I need". 
Boy did I.  
I also found cards I want, and cards I just altogether dig.

2003 Topps #41 Gold Parallel 0931/2003

2007 Bowman Sterling #BS-BW

1999 Pacific #7 Red
Came one-per pack.

1999 Fleer Ultra #36G Gold Medallion
Could have been centered better, but I love the gold background.

2016 Allen & Ginter #122 Mini Black

2016 Topps Spring Fever # SF-1

Tim Salmon selection
1997 Score #494 Goin Yard (center)
Can't identify this foil parallel, no Premium Stock stamp.

2003 Donruss Diamond Kings #155 Bronze Foil
One of the greatest card ideas ever: framing.

2015 Topps Heritage A Legend Begins #NR-2
I will definitely have to work on this Nolan Ryan subset.

2016 Topps Walmart Holiday Snowflake #HMW59 and HMW119
Snowflakes on baseball cards...ho-kay.

2000 Upper Deck Collection Sweepstakes Cards
Lou Gehrig 1927 Road Jersey
This is awesome because it's another variation that I didn't have.
My card is on the left, Tim sent me the card on the right.
The difference is that Tims card has a line on the back to enter your email address.
Mine doesn't have that.
Subtle variations, gotta look for those subtle variations.

Baseball Checklist Cards
Random sampling of a bunch of checklist cards included.
Hopefully I can complete a couple sets out of them.

Drew Bledsoe Rookies
Gotta list these, they are so cool, and I didn't have any of them yet.
1993 Classic Four Sport Acetates #6
1993 Playoff #295
1993 Upper Deck Rookie Exchange #RE2
1993 Classic Four Sport Tri-Card #TC2
1993 Classic Four Sport Power Pick PP8

Really great cards Tim, thank you.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bob Lemke

Sad to hear of the passing of Bob Lemke, baseball card great, and founding editor of one of my favorite references The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards.